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Here's What You'll Learn:
Where your ideal clients & customers are and how to draw them to you!  

We will create an irresistible gift that attracts them to the solutions your business offers!
How to add more "lifestyle" into your life by stepping away from the devices while leads flow into your machine. 

No need to be 'on' 24/7 when you have your lead machine working for you!
Generate BETTER leads
Out of people to talk to? Email list not responding the way it used to? Generate high-quality, pre-sold leads for your business and create relationships with them through this seamless system. 
Learn my favorite tools for simple lead generation & qualification so that you're never in a tech-hostage situation again!  Automated systems without the tech headaches? Ahhhhh - bliss!
Designed for coaches, experts and service providers...Get Started Now!
Your 5 Day Lead Machine Includes:
Daily step-by-step directions in chunks that are easy-to-implement even if you have a job, kids, a full-time business and crazy life, like the rest of us!
Tech tutorials, video lessons and more with your coach! No student left behind will be our motto as we go through the 5 days of creating your machine! View as few or as many as you need!
A private Facebook group, not only full of the resources you need, but also full of others that are going through the challenge with you!  Immediate feedback on your progress, questions and stuck spots!
Downloadable handouts, resource lists, action lists and more!  These don't disappear at the end of the challenge, you will have tangible resources to refer to again and again!
Designed for coaches, experts and service providers...Get Started Now!
Your Host for the 5 Day Lead Machine
Carrie Wilkerson is an award-winning author, international speaker and popular media personality.  She spends her days helping ordinary people do extraordinary things in their business lives and for their financial future! 

Having generated a full-time income from home for the last 21 years, she's taking your hand during this action-based challenge so your leads are automated, your prospects are fresh and your systems are headache-free!